Human Hockey

Posted Thu, 08/21/08

MSN has a new Relationships web site, where they give advice on love, dating and marriage.

Who are they – or anyone else – kidding? You can lop MSN Relationships in the same barrel with the other "singles" and dating web sites because in the end they all offer the same load of codswallop: your soul mate can only be found for a hefty price.

Give up your core self, your basic personality; accept unreasonable bullshyte and games only to find people are the same whether they are deceiving one and all on a "dating" web site or staring at their target in person.

No thanks. Frankly, the whole thing gives me the creeps.

I have no interest in repeating the same misery that comprises marriage or an "exclusive" relationship. They all end up the same because many behaviors never change, especially in males.

In the last twelve months I have dated several men, none of which possessed the least bit of integrity or the qualities they claimed to have over e-mail, instant messenger or telephone conversations. Meeting them in person is always the biggest disappointment: bald or balding; short and stocky (as the stomach turns), emotionally needy, cagey (such a boring waste of time), looking for a nursemaid or cook (subtly of course, or so they think), and desiring someone who shares their interests (but not at all concerned about sharing their counterparts' interests).

Piss off to all of them and their like.

Living alone, and not having to answer to anyone, is such a happier place. After the rigmarole of the last year, I wouldn't change my current status for anything – or anyone - in the world.

Except for Foofer of course, but then he wouldn't make unreasonable demands upon me in the first place. True unconditional love like that simply doesn't exist anymore.