Posted Fri, 08/19/11

Last June, Wilbert left Spokane and moved nearby with his brother. He's been feeling unwell for quite some time, which he chocked-up to his line of work and the various side affects of diabetes.

He also developed a hernia. Last week he went to a medical facility, and during the course of an examination doctors found a tumor on Wilbert's liver. They did a complete cat-scan and discovered the cancer has spread to both lungs, his spine and the lining of the wall near his intestines. It's really bad, and I'm not sure how long he has to live.

Despite the failure of our marriage, we've remained good friends. Wilbert is perhaps one of the most decent and honest people I know, without a mean bone in his body. He doesn't deserve what was just handed to him in the form of a cold diagnosis.

Why do the assholes and jerks of the world live to old age while kind and compassionate people are taken away too soon? It's impossible to resort to prayer, especially when my skepticism questions the existence of God when good people are struck with devastating and fatal misfortune.

Needless to say, I'm in a bit of shock at the moment. Wilbert is someone I looked forward to knowing the rest of my life. We've always been more like brother and sister rather than husband and wife. Complete with ups and downs just like everyone else, our relationship is based on a deep friendship that began long before we married nine years ago.

Some people find it hard to understand, finding it incomprehensible that a man and a woman can be good friends after a failed marriage. In a way, our marriage wasn't really a failure per say as we grew out of unrealistic notions and kept the basis for our relationship alive. Such a connection is rare in a lifetime, and I doubt I'll ever see it's like again.

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