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Posted Wed, 08/15/07

Weather: So far August has been a month of extreme sunshine and dryness, two of my least favorite combinations. Most people become depressed during the winter months or when it rains incessantly, but I am just the opposite – naturally. I am yearning for cloudy skies and a day or two full of downpours, and I'm looking forward to the winds of autumn with great eagerness.

This preference is not one that came upon me suddenly. Mum tells me I've always liked cooler weather, even as a child. So, in other words, the weirdness started early.

Foofer: It's been more than a month since Foofer's surgery, and I have to say with all honesty he is doing marvelously well. I've hesitated in writing it down for fear of jinxing his progress, but if one didn't know his medical condition it would be impossible to detect any difference in him. He is full of life, with a great appetite, and with a vast amount of energy.

I monitor his diet every day. Virtually no carbohydrates make it into his servings, and every third day I prepare a large batch of homemade food that includes steamed ground turkey seasoned liberally with turmeric, navy and red pinto beans, chopped broccoli, and scrambled eggs along with ground multi-purpose canine vitamins and minerals. Wilbert will often gaze longingly at the meal preparations, wondering aloud if I will ever devote as much time and energy into whipping up our own meals. Not a chance…

American Tripe: Finally, I have become increasingly irritated with the state of American television as of late. Is it just me, or has the advertising mechanisms kicked into overdrive on almost every available channel? Some stations have even shortened individual program "intros" in order to squeeze in more commercials, and I am heartily sick of it. The worst culprit seems to be the TNT Channel, with the major networks not falling far behind. The increase has been gradual but steady, and I find myself muting the television more often than not, or changing the channel.

When certain advertisements tend to cram their product down our throats more so than others, I decide quickly that I will never patronize their product line (s), or place credibility in their genuineness. Force-feeding the public with a load of commercial drivel is a sure-fire way to keep me at bay. The latest round of saturation includes Capitol One, Geico and Comcast (which I have the misfortune of patronizing, because it's the only basic cable choice where I live). Comcast is especially repulsive because of their "Housemates" run of commercials, which seem to encourage male disrespect of women.

As usual, I mute or change the channel.

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