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Posted Mon, 07/26/10

I was never impressed with The Other Boleyn Girl as a book, and I'm afraid the movie version isn't much better. I saw it over the weekend and was bored after about twenty minutes, much like reading the book. Being an ardent Tudorphile, it's unusual for me to be put off by anything related but The Other Boleyn Girl aka celluloid was simply atrocious.

The overall acting was flat and uninspiring, apart from Natalie Portman's performance as Anne Boleyn and Ana Torrent's superb rendition of Catherine of Aragon. At least they were believable.

The historical inaccuracies committed during the movie were irritating as well. Thank God I saw the film on television and not in the theatre, or I would have demanded my money back.

On a brighter note, I also finished reading The Pillars of the Earth over the weekend and highly recommend the book. I'm keen to see the mini-series one of these days, although I think I'll wait until it comes out on DVD instead of paying "on demand" to Starz.

Now I'm reading the sequel, World Without End.

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