Best & Worst

Posted Tue, 07/22/08

It's no secret that I enjoy the "hidden object" forms of computer entertainment to be found at Big Fish Games. I like the games I've downloaded and tried for the most part, however there is a growing list of others I find to be boring and a waste of time.

Nancy Drew: The Curse of Blackmoor Manor is atrocious. Because it is a "large file" download, there is no trial version of the game, therefore one has to buy it in order to even play. I hated it from the get-go. Visually awkward and clunky, the game is slow and boring with no "escape" when Nancy "talks."

I sent a message to Big Fish Games expressing my disappointment with the game and being "stuck" with the product because I had to buy it in order to try it. I never expected to hear back from them, but to my surprise I received a message from their customer service department:

My name is Stacy, and I'm happy to assist you. I am sorry you did not enjoy Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor. I wouldn't want you stuck with a game you don't like, so I've voided the game and issued you a 100% off Replacement Game Coupon Code. You can redeem the Replacement Game Coupon Code for any game on our site. Thanks again for the feedback. We are always interested to know what our customers think of the games we offer. This helps our Game Operations team choose which games to offer in the future.

Kudos to Big Fish Games: their quality of attention to their client base ensures I will be a repeat customer in the future.

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