Biding Time

Posted Sat, 07/18/09

Having continuous health problems nowadays when most of my life has been relatively healthy is extremely frustrating. There are some mornings I just don't want to get out of bed. Other days, I throw myself out of the dumps and get on with it. Being positive is important to me, but even I cannot always surmount the constant barrage of health issues and my current living situation on a twenty-four-hour basis without having some sort of depressive results.

Just when one thinks it cannot get any worse, another hurdle comes to pass. However, I refuse to sink to the ground and most days find me forcing myself to get up and about, facing my circumstances head-on in my own fashion and away from prying, judgmental eyes. I wish I could say the same for other people in my life who seem to prefer burying their heads in the sand in the hopes some magical being will come along to make all things right again. I now have very little patience for others who will not help themselves or refuse to engage in their own life choices to affect a better outcome.

I'm scheduled to see an infectious disease specialist at the end of July. Hopefully she can isolate the cause of my current malady and eliminate the presentation of it so I can proceed with the hip replacement I need in order to get on with a normal life.

My first order of business when I'm once again normal? To get the hell out of the west and go east as I've always wanted, or perhaps even more far flung to Ireland or Scotland where the weather is divine.

If I ever get to that place, I will never look back.