Murphy Takes Residence

Posted Fri, 07/18/08

Yesterday was one of those occasions where I was as clumsy as the day is long, and whatever could go wrong did go wrong. Murphy's Law toyed with me from sunrise to sunset.

I had a non-medical appointment in the morning, which turned into a waiting game for more than an hour. The person I was supposed to meet never showed up, and the rest of his appointments went ignored as well. Unless caused by a true emergency, I find missing appointments to be the height of rudeness because it shows a complete lack of respect for the valuable time of others.

Towards late afternoon I was preparing dinner for Rainee and Kiki. These days Rainee prefers Alpo in the can, so I gave her the sliced beef flavor which contains a lot of gravy. After I dished up her meal, I set the spoon in her bowl and reached for Kiki's platter to prepare her dinner. Instead my elbow hit the handle of the spoon, sending a huge glob of gravy into the air, which just happened to land on my eyebrow and eyelid. I was a lovely sight indeed.

I had my own snack later, which included a freshly baked corn muffin with butter. Despite the softness of the foodstuff, part of a back tooth broke off and landed in my lap. Thankfully there was no pain involved, but the sandpapery and sharp feel of the split tooth is not something I counted on.

I was looking forward to seeing an episode of Keeping Up Appearances on the local PBS station later that night. However, the audio transmitting from the local station was off (or someone fell asleep at the switch), so I watched the thirty-minute show sans sound.

Maybe I can learn to read lips for future reference.