Bedridden in July

Posted Wed, 07/12/06

I spent several days last week bedridden. I am prone to infections, and this latest round proved to be a real zinger. I was lethargic, nauseous, and uninterested in the passage of days in general. I'm much better now, but still feel like I've been through the ringer and back again.

I gave up going to the doctor every time I get an infection. I ride it out on my own, unless it becomes completely unmanageable. This practice typically infuriates Wilbert.

I'm trying to ease back into work. I updated my web site, and I'm gamely attempting to put together the e-mail version of my newsletter. I realized with some surprise that I haven't sent out an e-mail version of "Book Notes" since October 2005. It was never my intention to go so long without releasing the newsletter, but time has an odd way of getting away from the moment.

I apologize to those who subscribed to the e-mail newsletter in recent months, and were essentially left empty-handed. There was quite an upswing in subscribers during the winter and early spring, so hopefully I can now do them some justice.

My weekend plan is to set aside "domestic drivel" and get back to my writing schedule. I'm keeping my fingers crossed…