Mum Report

Posted Sun, 07/11/10

Mum is doing amazingly well in hospital, and might be able to come home next week. The only thing holding her back is the continued drainage from her lung, normal for her type of surgery. Until the fluid drains, there is a danger of lung collapse which is why they want to keep her under observation just a bit longer.

I go to the hospital every morning to see her, and stay until after lunch. Then my father goes over and stays until early evening. Her only "alone" time is at night, when she should be resting anyway. She's had plenty of visitors and telephone calls, which makes her happy.

The quality of her care is astounding. I'm floored by the exceptional staff at the hospital, and the facility itself. Mum has a large private room, with a picture window overlooking the mountains. She also has a roomy loo, and a flat-screen television mounted on the wall.

The food is outstanding as well – surprise! – with dishes such as cheese omelets, scones, Asian stir-fry, turkey wraps, chicken kabobs, potato-crusted cod, tilapia, frittatas, croissants, soups, chowders, salads, desserts and much more. The food is selected from a classy flyer dubbed the "Windows on the Wasatch" patient menu.

I can't say enough good things about the Intermountain Medical Center, and only wish I'd been able to stay there for my various medical procedures over the last two years.

I'm just glad Mum is in such good hands, and feel very confidant about her care.