Sunday Blues

Posted Sun, 07/04/10

Mum was diagnosed with lung cancer last Monday. It was only by chance the doctor spotted a small shadow (2cm) on her right lung during an unrelated c-scan. He immediately referred her to a heart and lung specialist, who in turn scheduled her for surgery with head-spinning but impressive urgency.

He had to take the lower lobe from Mum's right lung, which constitutes about half the lung itself. Then he "sucked out" another suspicious looking spot at the top of the lung to have it analyzed. The doctor also took a sampling of her lymph nodes to have tested, but otherwise he said the surgery went well and he feels very good about it.

Mum has rebounded from surgery quite well considering the serious procedure. She was in ICU for a few days, but will hopefully move to a regular hospital room later today.

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the best possible outcome on her additional biopsies taken during surgery.