Eye Popper

Posted Thu, 07/03/08

Almost a month after the fact, I received a detailed billing of my surgery and hospital stay. Keep in mind this does not include the out-patient surgery I had in April ($3,000). The grand total for the major surgery in June rings in at $29,060.92. My insurance has been billed and I do not owe anything at the moment, but the bottom line shocked me nonetheless. One might as well say I owe my doctor and the hospital $32,000 with the two procedures combined. May the saints preserve me

Of course I went through the billing with a fine-toothed comb. There were several charges that jumped out at me, and they are nothing if not outrageous:

808.00 per day x 5 for the hospital room = 4,040.00: Aren't there luxury accommodations available somewhere for half the price? The room I had in hospital was small, uncomfortable and drab.

Boots Compression = 307.00: The 2-part contraption put on legs to keep circulation flowing and to prevent blood clots – are they kidding?

OR Services (surgery) = 9,539.32: Perhaps this was to be expected.

Anesthesia (during surgery) = 1,907.08: I sure wish I felt that high at some point during my hospital stay.

Physical Therapy = 742.00: Walking up and down the hospital corridor twice a day for five minutes – the therapist walked along aside me but did little else. This charge is simply unbelievable.

Recovery Room (74 minutes) = 720.02: What? Why? I don't remember much while I was in the recovery room, but I'm pretty sure all I did was lay there.

That's just the general gist of the bigger amounts. There are eleven pages to the bill, and the charges are quite extensive. It's a wonder anyone can afford to have their health issues addressed in this country. Depending on what the insurance company allows (or takes on as "acceptable"); I will probably be stuck with 80% of the bill (s). This roughly totals $5,400.

It's a lot to swallow, but at least it's not the whole lot.

All I can say is thank God for insurance