Yoga Stuff

Posted Mon, 06/26/06

I've recently delved into Yoga stretches to go along with my daily exercise routine with eight-pound weights. I don't do the yoga with weights (gasp), but I continue to use them for my repetitive exercises.

I became interested in Yoga a few months ago. I started doing Yoga leg stretches in my regular routine last March, but a few weeks ago I decided to incorporate more stretches into my regime. I'm not going for "renewed spirituality" or breathing exercises via Yoga, thank you, but I am keen to learn and maintain several of the stretches.

A majority of the stretches are much harder than they look. So far, I'm only able to hold the stretches for up to fifty seconds (some recommend one to three minute holds), but I hope to do better over time and with regular practice.

Many of the exercises have "funny" names, but somehow still explain the routine. I've racked up the following:

From a standing position:

  • Monkey Stretch

  • Quarter Moon Pose

  • Standing Squat

From the floor:

  • Boat

  • Cobra

  • Dead Bug

  • Downward Dog

  • Inclined Plane (this one is very difficult to hold, much less getting into position in the first place)

  • Posterior Stretch

  • Serpent

  • Single Leg Lifts

  • Water Wheel

I found the exercises in the book Kripalu Yoga: A Guide to Practice On & Off the Mat by Richard Faulds. As I said, I'm not interested in the "spiritual" aspect of Yoga, but rather the benefits of the stretches, and often seemingly impossible "holds." I do the exercises on my living room floor in early afternoon, usually an hour or two after lunch.

I do my regular weights-routine one day, and Yoga stretches the next. Time will tell how they work.