Back in the Saddle

Posted Mon, 06/25/07

Last April I suffered from what I thought was a terrible bout of intestinal flu, but then the illness reoccurred in early June and again just last week. I had the same symptoms, same pains, and same lack of interest in food. The latest event only lasted three days as compared to the first round, which went on for five miserable days.

I'm still not convinced I should see a doctor just yet. My innate fear of medical personnel has not lessened with the years, and has only intensified with the butchering a certain Utah doctor performed on me in the year 2000. I wish I could make the doctor pay for what he did to me, but at the time I had no money and I'm sure by now the statute of limitations has run its course. The irony of it all is this same doctor has since risen in the ranks and is the head of women's medicine at a prominent hospital in Bountiful, Utah. His patients should live in fear.

The only bright spot this month was a week-long visit from Mum. She is an avid golf fan, so she was glued to the television during the US Open Golf Championships while I rolled my eyes with boredom. We did managed to visit De Leon Foods just in time to get fresh tortillas off the production line, and to a few other places looking for a futon for our living room, but for the most part we spent good time together at home.

Kiki took a keen liking to my Mum right away. Foofer and Rainee were as happy as clams to see their "Gamma."

While Foofer and Rainee received treats as gifts from Mum, the best was reserved for Kiki. She received a mechanical plush toy called "Lil Kitty" from Westminster that walks and meows along the floor. The cat's coloring is similar to Kiki's, but she wasn't sure what to make of the moving toy and was a bit leery. Hopefully in time Kiki will grow to play with Lil Kitty. I hope so, since Mum was so taken with the plush bit she almost couldn't give it away.

"Lil Kitty" from Westminster. Click on image to see larger size in a new window.

The only downside to a visit is the quick time in which it comes to an end. It seemed as if Mum just got here and then she was leaving again.


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