Sleepy Daze

Posted Sat, 06/19/10

For the last several days my sleep schedule has been out of whack. For a variety of reasons due to heat and/or noise, I've been waking up around four in the morning. By eight o'clock in the evening (sometimes earlier) I'm ready for bed and usually fall asleep rather quickly.

Yesterday I dozed around six in the evening, and didn't awaken until after one in the morning. What's the sense of going back to bed after seven hours of solid sleep? So I was up and about for the rest of the morning, writing, reading and preparing a batch of Canine Turkey & Rice for Rainee.

Come sunrise I was sleepy again, but I was determined to see the day through in order to get my schedule back on track. Wandering around in the middle of the night rather reminds me of the Twilight Zone, where one loses grasp of all time and space.

The only benefit of night/morning work is the blessed quiet. My "kids" Rainee and Kiki are typically sacked out, and noises from outside summer activity and car engines are at a standstill. Too bad it can't be that peaceful all the time.