Monday Grousing

Posted Mon, 06/16/08

I awoke this morning almost feeling normal. Aside from the tug of titanium staples in my abdomen and the twinge of pain every time I move, cough or sneeze, I almost resemble a human being. It's a good sign. The pain used to be a roar rather than a twinge. I'm supposed to have the staples removed this week, so perhaps by the weekend I can carry on just as if the operation never occurred. Wishful thinking, I know.

Thanks to Hydrocodone the pain is not as sharp as it could be. I'm not typically a pill-popper, and I've tried to be very conservative with the prescription I have now, but I cannot imagine recovering without pain assistance. The process of it all – from lack of sleep or too much sleep and irregular eating – is enough to age someone several years unless there is something to cushion the natural side effects of surgery. I'm thankful for that.

Sometimes during my various dazes I would lie in bed and listen to the television, usually tuned into a news program. While I didn't really see what was going on, I heard plenty as I flitted in and out this weekend. There are a few topics I never want to encounter again:

Hulk HoganI've never been a fan so the fact that I'm addressing this is astounding in itself. Hogan and his family have some serious issues, most of them selfish. Anyone who watches another "reality" program featuring Hogan's son after he is released from prison needs to have their head examined. These people need to be brushed aside and forgotten about quickly. They offer no intrinsic value whatsoever.

Tim RussertI feel guilty even addressing this topic. I deeply admired Russert his integrity, intelligence and forthrightness. There are few journalists of his ilk in the world today, and even less who contributed to the world of politics for the better. I am truly sorry for his loss, but for God's sake if they repeat another tribute on MSNBC I will run screaming from the room. The saturation was just too much.

That's it for now, but I think it's quite enough.