Final Seeker

Posted Tue, 06/03/08

I swear this is the last of them:

Mystery in London (On the Trail of Jack the Ripper)

Mystery in London (On the Trail of Jack the Ripper)As a collector of antique books and other worldly artifacts, you travel to London in search of new treasures. During you journey, you happen upon an extremely rare and valuable copy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Therein you find a note signed "JR." After some time, you realize you have a found a link to the infamous Jack the Ripper and are now on his trail. Travel throughout London in an attempt to succeed where so many others before you have failed - uncovering the identity of Jack the Ripper. Search for clues to put an end to this unsolved mystery. But, watch out! There are those who will stop at nothing to prevent you from discovery Jack the Ripper's true identity.

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These hidden object (aka "seek and find") games have become like an addiction for me. I have to stop

POSTSCRIPT 06/22/08: I finished Mystery in London and have to say it's the best game so far, well-worth the money unlike some of the others.

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