Canine Fuss

Posted Thu, 06/01/06

Last Tuesday we made it through another session of yearly canine vaccinations and exams with Foofer and Rainee. I worry more about Foofer because he is older – nine years, believe it or not. We signed him up for the Senior Wellness Program, which includes blood work, et al.

Foofer is fine and healthy except for a low thyroid level (common in dog's his age), and a slightly elevated white cell count. He's on antibiotics, and a supplement to correct the thyroid issue.

Then there was also the twice-yearly grooming session, and Foofer came out looking like a big puppy as usual. The groomer told me they didn't have to sedate Foofer until it was time to trim his nails, whereupon he barred his teeth and growled in warning.

This time out I took several "before" and "after" pictures thanks to my digital camera at hand.

Wilbert with Foofer and Rainee at the Animal Medical Clinic (05/30/06).   Wilbert with Foofer and Rainee in the waiting room at the Animal Medical Clinic (05/30/06).

Foofer and Wilbert leaving the Animal Medical Clinic after the groom (05/30/06).   Foofer in the back seat of the van on the way home after the groom (05/30/06).

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