Sticky Reflections

Posted Fri, 05/29/09

This is the time of year that I suffer from the dry climate. Because of the area I'm living in at the moment, my knuckles crack as do the inner-sides of both thumbs. No amount of lotion helps the situation, aside from the fact I'm only able to use certain types of moisturizers because of allergies. It's a right royal pain.

I go through a large amount of bandages to protect the cracks all summer long. They sting and hurt like a paper cut, so I'm reluctant to leave the splits exposed. You'd be surprised how many daily functions include contact with the knuckles, not just in bending the fingers to pick up a cup of coffee but in simple tasks such as folding clothes, fishing around at the bottom of a purse or grasping the wheel of a car.

Another freakish allergy precludes me from using latex-based or plastic bandages, so I have to use the flexible fabric type.

Therefore, I have some insight into the most reliable of bandages – such as which brand stays affixed longer no matter how many times the hands get wet.

The Band-Aid brand is the worst ($4.99 per 30-count box). Although the most expensive, their bandages come loose after one contact with water. They are useless.

Running a close second is the Curad brand ($3.99 per 30-count box). One splash of water and the adhesive no longer functions.

Both companies are probably in cahoots – the less effective their product is, the more people will be forced to buy. They can count me out.

Western Family fabric bandages

The Western Family brand, the cheapest of the lot, stays on for almost three days no matter how many times one showers or washes the hands. Not bad for a 30-pack box at $1.79.