The Cool Dark

Posted Mon, 05/19/08

It was ninety degrees yesterday, a nasty heat that has come too early in the season. If you've been to this blog before, then you know how much I detest the summer months and all they entail: the relentless sunshine that brings on irritation and irrationality, the energy-sapping inferno air that suffocates, the influx of insects – I especially hate bees – and the general lethargy that comes with the "endless" days of summer. I need to find one place on earth – preferably an English-speaking region – where the temperature May through September does not go much above sixty-five or seventy degrees.

The only bright spot in the heat is the appearance of lilacs in the back yard. I'm not much of a "flower" girl, but I do love lilacs. I only wish they lasted through the summer. My little herb garden has also taken off, but neither positive aspect is worth living through the miserable roast that will inevitably make the next four months akin to being tortured in the pit of Hades.

Dark design at My Space. Note: Deborah's "My Space" page has since been deleted by the author.

On that note, I have changed the design of my page at My Space (link no longer valid) to reflect what I would rather be living amongst instead of what I am currently stuck with: rays of ungodly sunshine.

Note: Deborah's "My Space" page has since been deleted by the author.