Bleak House Blues

Posted Sat, 05/19/07

Bleak House is a wonderful, six-part mini-series. I enjoyed the entire program tremendously, and was truly sorry to see it come to an end last Sunday.

I was surprised by Gillian Anderson's intense performance as Lady Dedlock. I have only seen her in re-runs of The X-Files, and had no idea she had such acting range.

Other favorite characters from the series included the squirrelly law clerk William Guppy from Kenge and Carboys (Burn Gorman), the not-so-childlike Harold Skimpole (Nathaniel Parker), the rag and bottle merchant Krook (Johnny Vegas), the decidedly evil Mr. Tulkinghorn (Charles Dance), and Sir Leicester Dedlock (Timothy West) who put forth the frequent "indignant expression" quite well.

I have since started reading the book Bleak House by Charles Dickens (as found in great condition for $1 through Abe Books), and I am again thoroughly enjoying the experience.

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