Sister Cities

Posted Sat, 05/19/07

Because I have moved around so much during my life, I cannot in truth claim a hometown. I was born in Greenwich, Connecticut but spent my childhood in Texas, Utah, California, Nevada and back again in Utah. I have also lived in Arizona, Idaho and Washington State.

In the cultural exchange program known as "Sister Cities" Spokane, Washington is twinned with:

  • Nishinomiya, Japan (Spokane's first sister city)

  • Limerick, Ireland

  • Jecheon, South Korea

  • Jilin, China

I'm surprised there isn't a Russian "sister city" in the mix as we have a large population of Russian immigrants. The little market down the street next to the post office is known as the "Russian Store" just for that reason. It's not a Russian "specialty market," but rather a small grocery store that offers locally-grown produce, an old-fashioned butcher's counter and Western Family products.

Every time I visit the store, I see little "old ladies" with scarves around their heads and chins, chatting in Russian dialect to each other and motioning for service.