Manic Pending

Posted Fri, 05/16/08

I couldn't resist putting up a new picture of Kiki. Her latest "trick" is to stand, holding herself upright on the bed post. She may look tall in the image, but she is still just a scrawny – yet lovable - little squirt when she walks around in normal albeit lethal fashion.

Kiki standing tall (05/12/08). Click on image to see larger size in a new window.

Kiki is currently in heat so she is very agreeable. She and Rainee have managed to co-exist in relative harmony for the last several days. However, once Kiki snaps out of her loving ways she will inevitably return to her other personality – that of a hostile and demented feline bent on showing the world she is mistress of all she surveys, including Rainee.

I'm sure Rainee has other ideas, but at the moment we are all enjoying the peaceful respite. It is now only a matter of days before Kiki's other persona is due to manifest itself in all its manic glory.


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