Posted Mon, 05/15/06

I've had no interest in blogging lately, which is made obvious by the lack of posts. Frankly, I haven't had much to say nor have I been the least bit curious by what others might be saying. I've been enjoying my reading jag, and pecking away at Collective Obsessions.

Many of the blogs I used to visit on a weekly basis have either drifted away or have become so utterly boring that I no longer frequent them. I'm not implying that my blog is a hop, skip and a jump, but I've also made it quite clear I write blog notes to keep my family and friends informed, not to impress or draw in a multitude of readers.

My interests have changed over the last year as well. I'm tired of political folderol – unless the news from the GWB Camp is so extra-illusory that I have to make my feelings known out of sheer incredulity – and the observations of various self-pontificating "published" writers has left me cynical about most blog posts concerning advice to other writers.

When blogging becomes a chore, I no longer care to partake. Some days I might post a slew of entries, but I can also go weeks without a word. I follow much of the same habits with my handwritten diary, although I tend to be more faithful and organized in real time.