Rune Addict

Posted Sun, 05/04/08

I've long been a fan of computer solitaire. When I'm in a non-writing mood, I can spend hours playing Russian Solitaire. I enjoy it immensely. A few years ago, I also began toying with Mahjong, which I also like, and this led me to investigate other non-solitaire computer games such as Hearts, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, Chess, Dominoes, Spades, Royal Gravity Tiles, word games and Zilch.

My latest craze is Runes of Avalon. My version is part of the Hoyle Puzzle & Board Games program, and I have become hooked on it.

Runes of Avalon is a puzzle game with a twist, match-3 mechanic that you have yet to see. Excellent music, wonderful graphics, brilliant particle effects, eight powerful spells, 105 levels in quest, two mini-games, lot of variations within a quest, and a total of three game modes.

Runes of Avalon

I also like the medieval scroll effects, and the general mysticism of it all. It's definitely up my alley. If you are a friend and I don't answer the phone or reply to an e-mail for a few days, you will know without a doubt what I'm up to.

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