The Demon Nicety

Posted Mon, 04/17/06

This may sound weird, but I felt so close to Rainee last night. I was watching White Fang on the Hallmark Channel, and the ending tore me apart. I was crying, sniffling and blowing my nose at the same time. Rainee heard me and came running. She got up on my knees with her front paws and started licking my face and nipping my ears lobes. She seemed really concerned, like she knew I was distressed and/or happy, and she wanted to comfort me.

She may be the reincarnation of Beelzebub 90% of the time, but there occasions when Rainee can be sweet, tender and caring.

When White Fang was depicted as a puppy in the film, he reminded me so much of Foofer in the face and in the body build at the same age. It brought back many memories. Foofer is still such a gentle and shy young lad.

White Fang was a wonderful, heart-warming film. However, I changed channel when the pooch was involved in dog-fighting at the behest of the "bad-guys." I simply couldn't stand to watch the scenes.

Tags: Foofer; Rainee