Rash of Nerves

Posted Sun, 04/09/06

I'm not sure if it's my nerves or a true allergic reaction, but for the last several days I've been experiencing an itchy rash on various parts of my body: behind my left ear, on top of my right hand, on the bridge of my nose and on the sides, on my left forearm and on my forehead.

How weird is that? I've ruled out shampoos and soaps because I have not used any new products in more than one year. It can't be a food allergy because we've eaten nothing out of the ordinary for months. I can't pinpoint the cause, but taking antibiotics seems to help.

Therefore, it must be nerves. My stress levels have manifested in strange ways over the years. While married to husband #2, we lived with his mother for eight months. I hated every moment of it because I disliked my former mother-in-law. I started grinding my teeth in my sleep, and the pinkie finger on my right hand went numb. As soon as we moved out, my symptoms disappeared. There were more stress signs during that particular marriage, the end of which probably saved my sanity.

Anxiety is a nasty disease. If only I had a smidge of laissez-faire maybe I wouldn't hive-up when my mind goes into a multi-faceted whirl.