Birthday Babies

Posted Sat, 03/31/07

Today is the collective birthday of all three of my babies. Foofer is ten years old, Rainee is three, and Kiki has just reached the one-year mark. I know for sure Foofer and Rainee were born on this day. However, Kiki was either born at the end of March or early April of last year, according to her veterinarian. Since it was so close, I decided to lump Kiki's day in with the whole lot.

Mum ("Gamma" to the babies) sent individual birthday cards to Foofer, Rainee and Kiki, each of them getting a fiver. She also sent a box full of goodies and toys last week, part of which has already been consumed and/or played with. We're saving the fivers for Monday, when we'll get teriyaki chicken for the babies from the nearby Kyoto Teriyaki restaurant (the canines get the chicken, while we get the sides of vegetables and white rice).

Of late I have avoided taking the kids for rides in the Lincoln because the ground is soaked and muddy from the rains. Today I made an exception for their special day (barring Kiki, who is not overly fond of wheels in motion). Foofer and Rainee came with me as I ran some errands late this morning, getting a steady stream of biscuits from a tin I keep in the car.

I also prepared one of their favorite dinners: ground turkey steamed over white rice, then all mixed together. It's a simple recipe and easy to make, but the kids love it. One batch usually lasts for three or four meals, so their birthday feast will extend over the weekend.

The kids also received special Jumbo Bones from Pedigree, which we usually only give them on rare occasions as a treat (such as after a visit to the animal clinic or a bath). For a finale to the day, I gave them a good brushing-out and pampering session. Kiki even got a stroke or two before she took a well-aimed swipe at the brush.

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