Sleepy-Time Telly

Posted Wed, 03/07/12

Last night I couldn't sleep - very unusual for me - so I decided to turn on the television. Quite often just the low sound of the telly lulls me under. However, I soon became engrossed in the program Torchwood on BBC America. I'm not typically a fan of science fiction in general, but Torchwood caught my fancy anyway.

Wikipedia describes the series as follows:

Torchwood follows the exploits of a small team of alien-hunters, who make up the Cardiff, Wales branch of the fictional Torchwood Institute, which deals mainly with incidents involving extraterrestrials. Its central character is Captain Jack Harkness, an immortal former con-man from the distant future. He and other characters are specialists for the Torchwood team, often tracking down aliens and defending the planet from alien and nefarious human threats.

The only actor I recognized in the show was Burn Gorman, who first came to my notice in the 2005 rendition of Bleak House.

I found Torchwood engaging, keeping my interest long past the first few minutes of dialogue (which is always a good sign). I liked it well enough to tune-in next week for more.

Speaking of BBC America, tonight's broadcast of The Tudors is the next to last in the series. Phooey! I've truly enjoyed the program and hate to see it come to an end.

I wish the story would continue with Henry VIII's children (Edward, Mary and Elizabeth), but I haven't heard news of such a thing happening yet.