Deep Freeze

Posted Sat, 02/18/06

According to the local weatherman, we are now experiencing a rash of arctic air. No one needed to tell us. The damned house is freezing; I wear two shirts during the day, and at night I sleep with another shirt over my nightclothes. I could always raise the temperature on the heater, but I'm not about to be handed a $300+ gas bill next month just to be comfortable. So the thermometer remains at a cool 64 degrees.

Rainee pops out from under the covers (February 2006). Click on picture to see larger size in a new window.

Even Foofer, with all of his winter-Husky hair, has been curling up at night, cuddling as close as he can get. I love that, naturally, because it's not something he normally does. Rainee lives under the covers at night, once in awhile sticking her head out to look sleepily at her surroundings, anxious not to miss out on a blessed thing.

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