Morning Peeve

Posted Mon, 02/13/06

Some of my pet peeves about other blogs are:

  • Republicans who write lofty yet for the sake of common decency cannot refer to their opponents as Democrats but rather as "misguided, leftist, right-wingers, squealing idiots" and other such bullshit. I consider the source before allowing myself to become too irritated. However, I'm guilty of the same on occasion albeit on the flip side of the political spectrum.

  • People who claim they are "anti" this or that, especially to do with religion. Bigotry is not just confined to race. However, I do understand that those who scream the loudest against various religious institutions have very little understanding of specific practices in the first place. Most people condemn and fear what they know very little about.

  • Those who think they are "divine philosophers" on a myriad of topics, despite their obvious lack of knowledge. These blogs are more like rants than logical and well-thought opinions. I steer clear of them all.

  • The blogger's who write without making use of capitalization or punctuation. I don't even bother with these anymore, no matter what they have to say.

  • Authors espousing their own beliefs in a blaze of self-serving and condescending metaphors, with little regard for the opposing views of others. Those who disagree, in the eyes of the espouser, are clearly "befuddled and inferior no-talents."

On the other hand, I love blogs that are down-to-earth in style; churned out by people who don’t give a tinker's damn about popularity and acceptance but write for their own satisfaction and pleasure. If they amuse someone else along the way, great – but if not, who cares?