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Posted Fri, 02/05/10

On a technical note, comments have been disabled at Irish Eyes.

For years I used the Haloscan commenting system, and in fact paid them a "guaranteed one-time" fee to have ad-free commenting boxes. Haloscan was recently taken over by another company who is now charging $9.95 per month to keep the commenting system in place. Apparently the new host is not interested in honoring previous payments made to Haloscan. Well, I'm not interested in paying their monthly fee, either.

Until I find a new commenting system without PHP or Perl code (as my web host accepts neither), individual blog comments will be disabled. However, if you'd like to send a remark about a particular blog post, click here to send me a message. If you prefer, visit me at Facebook instead.

Does anyone have suggestions on a free commenting system?

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