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Posted Sat, 02/04/06

I started reading Cell (there's a reason cell rhymes with hell) by Stephen King, and I have to say "so far so wonderful." There is a twisted humor in King's writing that I enjoy immensely and always have.

Critics of Stephen King dismiss him as a "popular mainstream" author, which sounds like pure envy speaking. The man is a genius who rarely employs indiscernible plot twists. Anyone can pick up his books and start reading. Writing doesn't have to be intellectually challenging and high-brow to be brilliant. Who besides King and J.K. Rowling sell more books across the planet, anyway? The whole world can't be a pushover.

I also have another classic read obtained from Abe Books entitled Legacy by Susan Kay. It is a dramatic account of the life of Queen Elizabeth I written in fictional-not-historical style. The book was originally released by Crown Publishers in 1985, and took the author ten years to write. My copy cost $1, and it is in near-perfect condition. A telling sign on the book cover: the 647-page book was initially sold for $4.50, the going price for paperbacks in 1985.

I ordered extra copies, of course.

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