Trolling for Oldies

Posted Sun, 01/31/10

I found two "ancient" Dorothy Daniels' titles at my local paperback book exchange a few days ago. I'm always on the lookout for her books, which include a grand total of 127 novels. I currently have thirty-two of them. I used to have many more, but during the multiple moves I've made over the years I lost quite a few of my most treasured books. It's like rebuilding my collection all over again.

My newest acquisitions are The Curse of Mallory Hall (pub 1970) and The Tower Room (pub 1965). Both books have a list price of .60 cents on their respective covers. Wouldn't it be lovely to pay sixty cents for new paperbacks today?

The Curse of Mallory Hall by Dorothy Daniels      The Tower Room by Dorothy Daniels

The Gothic book covers from the 1970's always seem to depict a woman running in fear with a creepy-looking mansion in the background or searching inside the creepy mansion.

You also know you have an "oldie" when Kent cigarette ads are placed smack-dab in the middle of the book. That's not something ever seen these days.

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