Posted Tue, 01/31/06

I spent several hours re-working my web site yesterday, which I allowed to go without updates since December. The Christmas holidays led to a month-long semi-sabbatical that I am just coming out of. I feel refreshed, but eager to get busy.

For the time being, I have taken down my message board. It was suffering from sore neglect, not from lack of interest but from scarcity of time in which to maintain it properly. I hope to reestablish the message board in the future after I get past a few self-imposed deadlines (which are sometimes the most demanding kind of all). I truly appreciate the board members who took the time to leave messages and encouraging words. I will miss them.

For years my writing habits have made me push the envelope on a daily basis, working with very little sleep. It was my way of making up for the ten-year "lost weekend" that was my second marriage. The effects were often devastating, leaving me exhausted and irritable but somehow driven to go on.

Rather than collapsing at my keyboard, I've decided to take a healthier approach to my writing schedule which includes proper rest. I've been working out with weights for more than one year, but I plan to kick that up, too. I've also been eating healthier for the last twelve months by avoiding greasy fare and consuming more steamed foods such as vegetables, poultry and fish.

The routine really works. I'm more energized, conserving my energy in order to devote precious time to my craft. Whether one writes for a living or not, I highly recommend the healthy lifestyle for longevity.