Political Perplex

Posted Mon, 01/28/08

I'm at a loss as to why both Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy are endorsing Barack Obama. I simply don't understand it, but like most citizens of America: to each her/his own. It's not a political bandwagon I'll be jumping on any time soon, no matter who supports the man.

Just because a celebrity or other public figure endorses a candidate in the running does not make the person viable, as far as I'm concerned. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it's alarming to think some people do listen when "stars" join the political fray, perhaps thinking the famous individual is privy to some salacious bit of information about a candidate that puts them ahead of the others. Hogwash. Those with their pictures splashed in newspapers and magazines form opinions and vote just like the rest of us, and are certainly not to be taken too seriously.

Tags: Politics