Ballot Anticipation

Posted Fri, 01/25/08

Along political lines, the following is an interesting article from the Boston Globe:

I think you have to register a free account at the Boston Globe to view the article, but the gist of the piece was "immigrants in (Massachusetts) and nationwide could wait 16 to 18 months - more than double the usual period - to become US citizens because of a massive backlog, leaving thousands possibly unable to vote in November."

According to the article "immigration officials across the nation are hiring hundreds of staff members, paying overtime, and streamlining bureaucracy to process the applications more quickly."

(Article reference & quotes Copyright 2008 Globe Newspaper Company).

In all likelihood the issue is of interest to the presidential candidates. More legalized citizens means more votes during the November election. If I were an immigrant trying to start a new life in the USA, I don't think I would side with a party who has big business in their suit coats but rather the party with the lower and middle class in mind as a priority.

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