New Tunes

Posted Thu, 01/25/07

I received two new CD's yesterday: Celtic Woman and "In a Lifetime" by Clannad. Despite my druthers for rock and roll (Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, U2 and 80's metal), I have become a huge fan of softer Irish music, in particular the breathtaking beauty created by Clannad.

Clannad could not be farther from hard rock and roll. Some of their songs are recorded in the Irish language. My recent favorite is the haunting tune dubbed Rí Na Cruinne. The title is roughly translated as "king of the world," according to my Irish dictionary. Click here to view the lyrics in Irish and English. The lyrics don't move me as much as the music, however.

Of late I have noticed my penchant for music that sounds as if it comes from a Catholic Church. Not quite as staid, perhaps, but melodic and flowing just the same. Another point of interest is the symbolism in Celtic culture that parallels that of Wiccan beliefs (which in reality are said to profess no harm to innocents and are "based on an ancient religion of love for life and nature").

I'm not saying the symbols and staple Irish knots known to be from the Irish Celts are evil, but they are interesting and rather far-reaching these days.

I love shopping for items online, such as CD's and other gifts. It brings to mind "order and you shall receive."