Magazine Catch-Up

Posted Wed, 01/16/08

I've been receiving the weekly Irish Abroad newsletter for many years. This morning's issue linked to an Irish Post article written by Malcolm Rogers (otherwise known as "Mystic Malc"), where he enumerates what's in store for 2008 with good humor.

Another interesting article comes from the February issue of Dog Fancy Magazine. Entitled Love Me, Love My Dog by Maureen Kochan, the piece explores the notion "for the single dog owner, the ideal relationship has room for three." Another blurb contends: "Finding the right guy is hard enough, but it can become infinitely more difficult when your dog is convinced he's the only partner you need."

When Wilbert and I first started dating, Foofer despised him. The initial contact was daunting because Foofer would jump up to Wilbert, put his paws on Wilbert's shoulders, and bare his teeth. After a few rounds of this, Wilbert told me – safely over the telephone, of course – that it was either him or Foofer, in so many words. I told him it was nice making his acquaintance and to have a nice life, but that I was not giving up Foofer for him or anyone else. I thought that was the end of that, but Wilbert made the effort and Foofer eventually took a shine to him.

I've been so preoccupied with editing lately that I allowed my mail to accumulate, including my stack of new magazine editions. I spent yesterday afternoon playing catch-up. Over the last few months I've dwindled down my subscriptions to include only five regular magazines: Down East, Vanity Fair, Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy and Ireland of the Welcomes.

It could be worse. I also used to have subscriptions for Bon Appétit, Yankee Magazine, PC World, PC Magazine and E-Week.

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