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Posted Tue, 01/13/09

I've added some new services to Webs Divine:

Online Stores >

WEBS DIVINE can create online stores for PayPal account holders that include product pages, shopping cart and secure check out. The client's web host must be able to accept PHP 4.4.7 or higher, XML, CSS and other design files.

Document Services >

WEBS DIVINE can convert Microsoft Word, Power Point and Word Perfect files into PDF documents (Adobe Acrobat) for personal, business or online use. Other available document services include generic employment applications (PDF), generic fax cover sheets (Word & PDF), generic invoices (Word & PDF), generic purchase orders (Word & PDF), and generic price lists (Word & PDF). All generic forms offered can be customized for a fee.

Webs Divine: Unique Web Design

Coffee Cup Software recently released another valuable tool known as Shopping Cart Creator. A web site and store can be created for users of PayPal, Google or both in order to sell their items. I opted out of the Google package as they don't offer free merchant accounts whereas PayPal does. Google charges a percentage for each sales transaction, which I find overkill so therefore I won't use them.

Anyway, the Shopping Cart Creator has a built-in shopping cart system (using PHP, XML, CSS and HTML); drag-and-drop product management, dozens of professionally designed themes (although I'm keen to create my own at some later date when I have more time), simple check-out process for clients, and more.

I sometimes have issues with Coffee Cup's spotty customer service, but their software has certainly made my life easier in the area of web design. I currently use Firestarter (to create flash objects), HTML Editor, Password Wizard (allows the designer to create password protected links in pages), Photo Gallery, Shopping Cart Creator, and Website Font (converts fonts to Flash so they will always display correctly regardless of which fonts visitors have installed on their computers).

That's my techy bit for the month…

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