Card Trivia

Posted Tue, 01/09/07

I enjoy computer card games, especially solitaire variations along with board and puzzle games. I do not like "interactive" online play, preferring to plug along on my own, offline.

However, whenever I play a card game, solitaire variations in particular, I try to memorize the rules and the layouts so I can replicate them with a real deck of cards. Who knows when the power will flicker during a thunderstorm? To that end, we bought a Samsonite card table with black lining the other night, on top of which I played my games with real cards.

I have four favorite solitaire variations: Pyramid, Russian Solitaire (by far the most difficult to win), Precedence and Golf. They are all playable on a table, thankfully. It was nice to do it the "old-fashioned" way for a change.

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