CSI Fandom

Posted Fri, 01/06/06

Wilbert and I have become hooked on the television crime drama CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). We started watching the re-runs on Spike TV during the week, but soon became big fans of the new shows broadcasting on CBS Thursday night.

I was already familiar with lead actor William Petersen from his role in Young Guns II (in which he played Sheriff Patrick Garrett). He is excellent in CSI, as are the rest of the cast.

One of my favorite episodes is 2003's "All for Our Country," which includes the character "Chubsy" from the Capitol One television commercials. His real name is Nate Torrence, and he is fantastically funny, although his role on the CSI episode was small and hardly amusing. He played a college student who ends up floating dead and bloated in his bathtub, where he happened to "stew" for several days.

Some parts of the show are gruesome, but otherwise CSI is very enjoyable. It's the kind of "stuff" that often makes you sit on the edge of your seat.