One Day at a Time

Posted Fri, 01/04/08

There are times I think I'm doing okay emotionally, and then something will happen to remind me of Foofer. Of course this is ongoing, and not a day goes by where I don't cry or think about his excruciating and terrible loss.

While it was extremely thoughtful, when I received the following letter from Foofer's doctor yesterday I broke down in tears yet again:

Dear Deborah,

As doctors and staff [I] just wanted to write a short note to express our sorrow at the recent passing of your beloved Barbarosa (Foofer). We recognize the great bond of love that can develop between people and their companion animals and know this was a significant loss for you. I am sorry we were not able to do anything to extend Foofer's life. However, in light of his age and medical problems I know we did the humane thing by putting him to sleep.

Thank you for allowing us to care for Foofer. We appreciate the trust and confidence you have shown us. Please know that we share in your feelings of loss.

Receiving a personal note from a veterinarian is an extreme rarity these days, so I was grateful for the acknowledgement from them.

Foofer's significance in my life will never diminish, even if I live to be one hundred years old. No one person or animal can take his place. This is a fact I have to learn to live with, to accept as my reality, or I'll surely go off the deep end.

Time is supposed to heal all wounds, but I am doubtful this one will ever go away.

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