Quiet Night

Posted Fri, 01/02/09

New Years Eve was nice and relaxed, just like I wanted it to be. I watched a bit of television (Keith Olbermann's Favorite People of 2008 was entertaining), and after making sure the girls were settled and happy I parked myself at the computer and finished off Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst.

All I can say about the game is it's one of the best hidden object forays I've played. If a newbie reading this is attempting the various puzzles and gets stuck, send me a note and I can point you in the right direction with hints or outright spoilers. I like to have fun while playing games, not become aggravated, so when I'm stuck I'll certainly refer to any strategy guide available to keep the pace moving along.

I also spent New Years Eve communicating with some of my friends and family at Facebook. I've had a page at Facebook for some time, but recently I was able to connect with several relatives who remain scattered across the USA. It's a nice environment in which to perpetuate contact rather than the not so-subtle ad tactics and "meat market" ambiance located at both My Space and Tagged.

Tags: Games