Dancing a Jig on Cloud Nine

Posted Sat, 10/23/10

I'm still in shock at the moment, and frankly almost too excited for words.

I received a publishing contract for Passion Forsaken last Thursday (title may be subject to change). Despite the simplicity of the statement, the implications are tremendous on a personal level.

As anyone who submits their own written work knows, the pursuit of a publishing contract is not the easiest of undertakings. Preparing samples, queries and multiple synopses' is a lengthy process, not to mention the work involved in writing and completing a book in the first place. Rejections are numerous, and frequent. The ego can take quite a battering as time marches on, and any sort of personal life is almost out of the question.

Perseverance is a necessary component, no matter how many rejections and critiques come your way. Some days it's not easy to stay positive when the inbox is full of form-letter-declines and short shrifts. Then there is the added negative bonus of "friends" who roll their eyes every time writing is mentioned, in essence relaying the message: "Why doesn't she just give up and get a real life?"

I'm on cloud nine at the moment, but also acutely aware that a publishing contract does not guarantee success. There's still much work to do ahead.

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