Stress Play

Posted Sat, 08/14/10

When I become saturated with writing and research in the middle of the night, and when I'm current with web work, I tend to play stressful time management computer games.

I'm not certain if it's indicative of an inner personality trait that enjoys stress and pressure, but I sure know how to pick them.

My current flummoxes include:

I've managed to get to the final level of Boom, but I'm stuck on lower levels of Flo Through Time, Hometown Hero and Seasonal Snack Pack. It's a bit frustrating because the games are fairly simple. All of them basically involve preparing and serving food to different groups of people. How hard can that be?

Diner Dash games from Play FirstHowever, the different groups of people in the games are an eclectic set of patrons. Women with babies and families annoy other customers with their noise. If the other customers become too annoyed, they rush off in a huff. This causes loss of points. Families and babies also make messes, so the server "Flo" has to stop on occasion to bring a mop in the middle of serving food to happy patrons, which often results in more lost points. Then there are the natural occurrences, such as wind and rain storms. If tablecloths aren't nailed down or umbrellas raised, many patrons flee in anger as well.

The characters are indeed an odd lot: a young lady, a kindly senior, a cell phone addict (annoys other patrons), bookworm, lovebirds (annoys other patrons), jogger, business woman, celebrity, family (annoys other patrons), food critic, teenagers (annoys other patrons), hungry man (always orders seconds) and tourists.

Whatever the case, playing the games is what I do in the middle of the night before actually going to bed. Once in bed, I read for about thirty minutes to an hour. It might not be such an exciting life to some, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

*POSTSCRIPT: As of 09/03/10, I'm on Level 7 of Pharaoh's Feast in Diner Dash: Flo Through Time; Level 6 at Homerun Park in Diner Dash: Hometown Hero; and Level 8 of Hometown Harvest in Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack.

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