This for That

Posted Wed, 08/13/08

This was long in coming:

I've always felt that if a doctor proceeds in error, hindsight or not, the patient should not be liable for reimbursement. (Exception: fatal diseases in which doctors have no control). I liken it to taking your car to the mechanic – if he can't fix the problem or the problem reoccurs quickly, he shouldn't expect to be paid for his efforts. It's as simple as that. If such an issue ever became law, you can bet your bottom dollar doctors would not perform certain procedures and perhaps not schedule as many "office visits" which add up rather quickly.

I think the "non-payment" scheme should also apply to dentists. Several years ago my dentist dropped the hooked tip of an instrument into the root canal area he was working on. When I had x-rays taken in Spokane the little hooked tip was still lodged in the hole. I'm allergic to metals et al, and to this day continue to have trouble with the tooth. Since I detest going to the dentist almost as much as I dislike medical procedures, I have procrastinated in taking care of the issue.

The point is dentists are as prone to mistakes as doctors and should not expect payment for malpractice, intentional or not.