Hanging Onto Winter

Posted Mon, 03/01/10

One of my favorite things to do at night is to lie under a simple blanket in front of my large turbo fan.

The blanket is soft but not overly thick. To me, there's nothing worse than to be trapped under a pile of blankets, sheets and comforters. I sleep with one blanket, no matter the weather, eschewing the use of sheets and other bed accessories. In essence, I snooze atop the bed comforter (red and black in color and of Asian design), with my blanket over me.

The fan is my godsend. I actually have three of them in my room: a small black fan for my desk, a large box fan that sits in the corner of the room, and an extra-large box fan that is aimed at the bed. I also keep the small window open all day and night, even during the winter.

Before anyone thinks me mad, let me explain that my room is right next to the furnace closet and it becomes uncomfortably hot even in the dead of winter. I used duct tape to cover the heating vent in my room, but wisps of the sickening hot air still escape.

I'm not among those rejoicing at the impending start of spring and summer; in fact, I am dreading the onslaught of the two seasons. Those who know me are well aware that I cannot tolerate much direct sunlight because of my pale skin, and overall heat exacerbates any infection present in my body.

Before the year is up, I hope to be on to greener pastures. One thing will be certain: my house will never rise above sixty-six degrees Fahrenheit – any time of year.