Mediocre Celluloid

Posted Thu, 01/22/09

I'm not one to follow celebrities or watch gossip and awards shows aplenty, but Mum and I do enjoy the Academy Awards. I don't give two cents about fashion and the "red carpet" like Mum does, but rather I want to see snippets of high quality films that are ostensibly nominated on their merit. In recent years I have been disappointed by the Oscars because they seem to focus more on glitz than actual film content.

This year's nomination of best actor for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button simply confirms my disillusionment. Brad Pitt may be easy on the eyes, but he cannot act his way out of a paper sack in my opinion.

I appreciate the talents of Sean Penn, Kate Winslet, and Robert Downey Jr., so here's hoping they walk away with the major awards instead.