N E W S   &   U P D A T E S

Press Release, Thursday, 17 March 2011:

"The Twilight" and "Megan's Legacy" signed with Club Lighthouse Publishing


Deborah O'Toole has signed The Twilight and Megan's Legacy with Club Lighthouse Publishing.


The books are parts seven and eight of the Collective Obsessions Saga, an eight-part series which chronicles the extraordinary loves and obsessions between two families sweeping a span of more than one hundred years, all set against the backdrop of a Gothic seaside mansion in Maine.


Other titles in the saga include Passion Forsaken, Quixotic Crossings, The Twain Shall Meet, Enthrallment, The Keeper's Journal, and Hearts Desires.


The Twilight and Megan's Legacy will be released in 2013, written under the pseudonym Deidre Dalton.


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