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I like to collect interesting links, and I will keep adding them as time marches on.
If you can think of a canine-related web site I can add, let me know...
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Receive a monthly box of goodies and donate to a canine cause.
A wonderful Black Lab community.
Homemade food for dogs.
My Mommy's official web site.
Nice assortment of pooch pics.
Visit Cool Dog Sites of the Day!
Nice photo gallery featuring Foofer.
A very special page devoted to Foofer's memory.
In Loving Memory: Foofer (1997-2007)
Great recipes for dogs and cats.
Furry Friends Cookbook
My Mommy's blog.
A place for Black Lab enthusiasts.
My "sister" Kiki's page at Catster.
Kiki's collection of flash photo galleries.
People talking all about Black Labs.
Milk Bone
Good bones for good dogs!
Discussing all things about pets.
Dog food sales and delivery service.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Visit my page at Dogster.
Visit my page at Facebook.
Rainee @ Facebook
Blog posts about me written by Mommy.
Special web site devoted to Foofer's books.
Inland Northwest Humane Society
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